Conference 2022 Agenda

Monday 21 November

9.00        Opening Remarks: John Devitt – Chief Executive, TI Ireland

9.10        Opening Address: Ger Deering, Ombudsman and Information Commissioner

9.30 – 10.45       Session 1: Opening Panel: Creating a Culture of Accountability

Research shows that one of the biggest obstacles to speaking up expressed by workers is the fear that nothing will be done in response to their report. As the Protected Disclosures (Amendment) Act 2022 now requires employers across all sectors to establish whistleblowing systems, building trust in these systems will be vital to ensure that wrongdoing can be identified and addressed swiftly. This session will explore ways in which employers and regulators can foster accountability and instil greater confidence in workers to report wrongdoing.


Dr. Eddie Molloy – Independent Management Consultant

Peter Gallagher – Head of Enforcement Advisory Division, Central Bank of Ireland

Mark Toland – Chief Inspector, Garda Síochána Inspectorate

Anna Waterhouse – Deutsche Bank Whistleblower

Facilitator: Gráinne Madden – Founder and Senior Consultant, GMJ Associates

13.00 – 14.00      Session 2: Keynote Speaker: Barriers to Accountability

Speaker: Emma Reilly, UN Human Rights Council Whistleblower

Facilitator: Anna Myers, Executive Director, Whistleblowing International Network

Tuesday 22 November

9.00 – 10.15   Session 3:  Protected Disclosures in Practice – Reporting Persons and Channels

The Protected Disclosures (Amendment) Act 2022 has extended the range of people who can make a protected disclosure to include volunteers, trainees, shareholders, non-executive members and job applicants. This session will explore the implications for employers of this broader definition of potential ‘reporting persons’ and discuss the channels that can be used to report wrongdoing, including the new Protected Disclosures Commissioner in the Office of the Ombudsman.


Elizabeth Ryan – Partner, Mason Hayes Curran

Damien Cahill – Office of the Protected Disclosures Commissioner

Andrew Harrison – Head of Internal Audit, Trócaire

Facilitator: Susan Battye – Partner, Walkers

13.00 – 14.15   Session 4: Speak Up or Pay Up – the Business Case for Whistleblowing

As the EU Whistleblowing Directive is transposed into law across Europe, there is an added complexity in managing disclosures for companies working in multiple jurisdictions. This panel will discuss some of the challenges they envisage and share insights on why managing disclosures effectively is so important for employers.


Per Arne Lund – Head of GRC, Volkswagen Group Sverige

John Garred – Regional Compliance Officer, Siemens

Mary Inman – Partner, Constantine Canon

Facilitator: Noel Ford – Principal with Governance Ireland and Independent Non-Executive Director in the International Funds Industry

Wednesday 23 November

9.00 – 10.15   Session 5: Protected Disclosures in Practice –  Dealing with Workplace Issues

The Protected Disclosures (Amendment) Act has introduced a new section (5A) which is aimed at clarifying the difference between interpersonal grievances and relevant wrongdoings. Protected Disclosure cases are rarely clear-cut and may involve potential grievances, health and safety issues, and/or workplace sexual harassment. Both making a report and assessing it presents challenges for workers and employers respectively. This panel will discuss the complexities of dealing with cases where the lines are not clearly drawn.


Máille Brady Bates – Solicitor Specialising in Employment Law

William Maher – Barrister

Philip Brennan – Founder and Managing Director,

Facilitator: Dr Lauren Kierans – BL, Assistant Professor of Law, Maynooth University

13.00 – 14.15 Session 6:  Values at Work – Beyond Rules-Based Compliance 

Drawing on the recently published TI UK research, titled ‘Values Added‘ this session will discuss the necessity for companies to move beyond a purely rules-based approach that relies on policies and procedures to tell employees how to behave, as it is increasingly clear this alone is not sufficient when it comes to curbing illegal or unethical behaviour.


Tilly Prior – Senior Research Officer, Business Integrity, Transparency International UK

Paul Hulshof – Director Integrity and Compliance, KPMG

Lisa Randles – Consultant Business Ethics, GoodCorporation

Facilitator: Andrew Breakwell – Commercial Director UK/I/NL, EQS 

Thursday 24 November

9.00 – 10.15  Session 7: Protected Disclosures in Practice – Establishing Effective Reporting Systems

The Protected Disclosures (Amendment) Act 2022 places detailed requirements on employers and Prescribed Persons to establish systems to receive and manage reports within specific timeframes and to provide feedback to disclosers. The panel will discuss the practical implications of these requirements and provide recommendations based on their own experiences.


Marie Terracol – Whistleblower Protection Lead, Transparency International

Andy Watson – Global Head of Anti-Corruption, Oxfam

Daniel Hager – Country Manager Ireland, Whistleblower Software

Rody Butler – Senior Investigating Officer, Garda Síochána Ombudsman Commission

Facilitator: Stephanie Casey – Integrity at Work Programme Manager, TI Ireland

13.00 – 14.15   Session 8: Measures of Support for Whistleblowers

The effects of whistleblowing on the well-being and mental health of a worker can be significant. Workers may find themselves in a highly stressful position where others seek to discredit them as being unreliable or they are penalised for having raised a concern. This panel will share research and first-hand experience of the psychological impact of whistleblowing and explore ways in which employers can support workers and identify potential victimisation.


Helene Donnelly OBE – Ambassador for Cultural Change & Lead Freedom to Speak Up Guardian)

David Morgan – Consultant Psychotherapist

Professor Kate Kenny – Professor of Business and Society, University of Galway

Facilitator: Suzanna Knight – Speak Up Helpline Advice and Policy Coordinator, TI Ireland

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