About Integrity at Work

The Integrity at Work (IAW) programme has been designed by Transparency International Ireland to foster ethical workplaces where people are supported to raise concerns of wrongdoing or unethical behaviour. The initiative is designed for all sectors and members include government departments, public sector bodies, charities, regulators and companies.

What kinds of concerns does IAW address?

  • How can I create a workplace where staff feel confident to report wrongdoing?
  • How can I help my management team to respond to concerns effectively?
  • What are my responsibilities as a regulator/prescribed person?

IAW events and training provide a forum to share best practice, learn about legal developments and develop strategies to promote ethical standards and build trust amongst staff and stakeholders.

Confidential Advice for Workers

We provide access to free specialist advice to ensure that workers can make informed decisions before and after reporting a concern.

Training and Guidance for Organisations

We offer expert training and guidance to employers and regulators on the Protected Disclosures Act 2014 and other relevant legislation and how to develop supportive environments for dealing with disclosures.

Become an Integrity at Work Member

Joining IAW enables organisations to nurture a culture of openness and accountability in the workplace and build trust with staff, contractors and external stakeholders.