What is Integrity at Work?

Jim Moore, Chairperson, WIT and Willie Donnelly, President, WIT
Jim Moore, Chairperson, Waterford Institute of Technology and Willie Donnelly, President, Waterford Institute of Technology

Support your staff. Safeguard your organisation.

The 2014 Protected Disclosures Act significantly changed the legal landscape in Ireland by introducing better safeguards for workers when reporting wrongdoing. Employers who fail to adequately protect staff from retaliation or penalisation face potential claims for compensation equivalent to five years of salary. A new EU Whistleblowers’ Directive will further broaden the scope of employer and regulator responsibilities when it comes into force in 2021.

The Integrity at Work (IAW) programme aims to foster ethical workplaces where people are supported to raise concerns of wrongdoing or unethical behaviour. IAW is facilitated by the Irish chapter of Transparency International (TI) – the world’s leading independent anti-corruption organisation. 

When organisations join IAW, they sign the IAW Pledge to protect anyone who raises concerns of wrongdoing from being penalised and promise to respond to the concerns raised. Members commit to developing supportive and robust systems to deal with reports and to signposting workers to TI Ireland’s Speak Up Helpline and the Transparency Legal Advice Centre (TLAC). Ireland’s only sources of free guidance and legal advice for anyone wishing to disclose wrongdoing. Having access to specialist, impartial advice means that workers are better able to make informed decisions and report concerns in a timely manner through the correct channels.

Who can join IAW?

The IAW programme is designed for organisations of all sizes and from all sectors. Our members  include government departments, public sector bodies, charities, regulators and companies. Members’ events and training provide an opportunity to share best practice, to learn about legal developments and to develop strategies to promote ethical standards and build trust amongst staff and stakeholders. 

The programme has been endorsed by the Department of Public Expenditure and Reform, Chambers Ireland, the Irish Congress of Trade Unions, the Wheel and the Charities Regulator.

‘Promoting a workplace culture where staff feel safe to raise a concern of wrongdoing is an opportunity for companies to promote ethical standards that protect their reputation and their brand. Businesses that put transparency and trust at the heart of their operations are more likely to retain staff and inspire consumer confidence.’

Ian Talbot, Chief Executive, Chambers Ireland

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Stephanie Casey on the Integrity at Work Programme