Integrity at Work Conference 2023

Join us at the Integrity at Work (IAW) Conference 2023, from 6 to 9 November. This year’s conference explores the value of going above and beyond to foster a culture of transparency, accountability and trust in Irish workplaces.  

The IAW conference presents a unique opportunity to hear from all corners of the whistleblowing ecosystem and explore the benefits of proactive investment in integrity systems for workplace transparency, accountability and trust.   

The Protected Disclosures (Amendment) Act 2022 has encouraged employers to take greater action in supporting staff who wish to speak up. However, the legal requirements of this legislation only lays the groundwork on which further innovation can be made. Ethical leadership means going beyond legal duties to build an environment that empowers staff to speak up.  

The conference will take place over a series of seven online webinars with an in-person closing event at the Radisson Blu, Dublin on Thursday evening, 9 November.  

Participants will have the opportunity to learn about the impact of the amended Protected Disclosures legislation on Irish workplaces, discuss the challenges of establishing effective Protected Disclosures systems and hear from industry experts including Dr Lauren Kierans, GSOC Commissioner Hugh Hume and Professor Muel Kaptein about the future of workplace integrity.  

The full agenda and list of speakers are available here.

Tickets are available here: Tickets